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Planisphere Star Gazer Dial

For easy constellation identification the Miller Planispheres offer great assistance. They are a dial that rotates so that you can match the date and time of day that you are viewing, and get an exact diagram of the night sky constellations at that time. They are available in two sizes, and for varying degrees of latitude for greater accuracy.

Item NumberSize / LatitudePriceQty.
CEL50L Large (10.5" Diameter) / 50 Degrees$13.25Buy Now
CEL40L Large (10.5" Diameter) / 40 Degrees$13.25Buy Now
CEL30L Large (10.5" Diameter) / 30 Degrees$13.25Buy Now
CEL22L Large (10.5" Diameter) / 22 Degrees$13.25Buy Now
CEL50S Small (5.5" Diameter) / 50 Degrees$7.25Buy Now
CEL40S Small (5.5" Diameter) / 40 Degrees$7.25Buy Now
CEL30S Small (5.5" Diameter) / 30 Degrees$7.25Buy Now
CEL22S Small (5.5" Diameter) / 22 Degrees$7.25Buy Now
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