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USA Raised Relief Map - Large by Kistler

This large sized raised relief map of the United States shows the physical features of all fifty states, with Alaska and Hawaii as insets...Besides the striking physical features, this map also labels cities, towns, rivers and state borders...the scale on the large size is 1" = 75 miles...

Item NumberSize / Frame OptionsPriceQty.
AEPUS4228 28"x42" / Unframed$67.75No longer in print.
AEPUS4228FB 28"x42" / Black Plastic$100.00No longer in print.
AEPUS4228FG 28"x42" / Gold Plastic$100.00No longer in print.
AEPUS4228FW 28"x42" / Oak Wood$150.00No longer in print.

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