Mt Rainier Climbing, Route and Park Maps by Stanley Maps

Stanley Freidman loves maps and he loves Mt Rainier. With his passion he has created one of the most detailed and attractive topographical maps for Mount Rainier National Park.

The park map features 1:30,000 scale topography with shaded relief, hiking trail information, campgrounds and backpacking campsites for many trails including the Wonderland Trail. Also shown are 7 major climbing routes to the summit, and 3 high elevation circumnavigation routes. Printed on waterproof tear resistant material. Folded it measures 5"x8", unfolded it measures 40"x56".

The Climbing guide for 2 routes shows the Emmons-Winthrop glacier route and the Liberty Ridge Route. The Climbing guide for 3 routes shows the Kautz Glacier Route, the Fuhrer Finger Route, and the Ingraham Glacier- Disappointment Cleaver Route. Color photos are incorporated to show the lines of ascent.

The Mt Rainier Glacier Travel Guide shows adventures on the High Traverse Routes profiling the circumnavigation of the mountain between elevations 7,000 and 11,000 feet. There are color photos to show the routes. Folded it measures 5"x8", unfolded it measures 40"x48".



Item NumberMap Title / Folded / Rolled / Polyart / LaminatedPriceQty.
STAMTRF Mt Rainier National Park / Folded / Polyart$29.95Buy Now
STAMTRRL Mt Rainier National Park / Rolled / Laminated$53.95Buy Now
STAMTRR Mt Rainier National Park / Rolled / Paper$39.95Out of stock/ Awaiting further information.
STA2 Mt Rainier Climbers Route #2 / Folded / Polyart$15.95Buy Now
STA3 Mt Rainier Climbers Route #3 / Folded / Polyart$15.95Buy Now
STA1 Mt Rainier Glacier Travel / Folded / Polyart$22.95Buy Now

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