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U.S. State Mini Flags

Individual state flags of the United States and it's Territories.  We also have a mini United States flag along with the Betsy Ross historical U.S. flag and the Star Spangled Banner historical U.S. flag. 

The mini state flags measure 6" wide by 4" tall and are on a stick for a total height of 10"...great for a desk flag!

Optional bases:
1, 2, 3 and 5 hole bases are black plastic
24 hole base is wood. Approx 30 inches long.

Item NumberState/TerritoryPriceQty.
HOFUSALMINI Alabama$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSAKMINI Alaska$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSAMSAMMINI American Samoa$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSARMINI Arkansas$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSAZMINI Arizona$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSCAMINI California$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSCOMINI Colorado$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSCTMINI Connecticut$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSDEMINI Delaware$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSFLMINI Florida$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSGAMINI Georgia$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSGUMINI Guam$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSHIMINI Hawaii$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSIDMINI Idaho$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSILMINI Illinois$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSINMINI Indiana$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSIAMINI Iowa$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSKSMINI Kansas$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSKYMINI Kentucky$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSLAMINI Louisiana$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSMEMINI Maine$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSMDMINI Maryland$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSMAMINI Massachusetts$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSMIMINI Michigan$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSMNMINI Minnesota$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSMSMINI Mississippi$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSMOMINI Missouri$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSMTMINI Montana$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSNEMINI Nebraska$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSNVMINI Nevada$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSNHMINI New Hampshire$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSNJMINI New Jersey$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSNMMINI New Mexico$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSNYMINI New York$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSNCMINI North Carolina$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSNDMINI North Dakota$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSNMARMINI Northern Marianas$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSOHMINI Ohio$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSOKMINI Oklahoma$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSORMINI Oregon$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSPAMINI Pennsylvania$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSPRMINI Puerto Rico$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSRIMINI Rhode Island$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSSCMINI South Carolina$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSSDMINI South Dakota$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSTNMINI Tennessee$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSTXMINI Texas$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSUTMINI Utah$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSVTMINI Vermont$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSVAMINI Virginia$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSWAMINI Washingtion$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSDCMINI Washingtion D.C.$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSWIMINI Wisconsin$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSWVMINI West Virginia$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSWYMINI Wyoming$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSAMINI- United States$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSABEMINI Betsy Ross - Historical$4.50Buy Now
HOFUSASSBMINI Star Spangled Banner Betsy Ross - Historical$4.50Buy Now
HOFBASE1P-- 1 Hole Base$1.99Buy Now
HOFBASE2P-- 2 Hole Base$2.99Buy Now
HOFBASE3P-- 3 Hole Base$2.99Buy Now
HOFBASE5P-- 5 Hole Base$3.99Buy Now
HOFBASE24W-- 24 Hole Base$18.50Buy Now
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