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Mac Field Guides

The Mac's Field Guides were originally designed to be used by kayakers as a reference for nature observations. The heavy duty lamination allows these to be used outside in any type of weather. Most of the field guides measure 11.5" x 7.5" and have information on both sides.
Some popular titles: Alaska Wildlife, North America Birds of Prey, Freshwater Fishes, Salmon and Trout, Northwest Coastal Fish, Invertebrates, Waterbirds, Northwest Garden Bugs, Northwest Trees, Pacific Northwest Wildflowers, and San Juan Island Wildlife.

Item NumberField Guide TitlePriceQty.
MACs28 Alaska Wildlife $5.95Buy Now
MAC13 North American Birds of Prey$5.95Buy Now
MAC7 North America Freshwater Fish$5.95Buy Now
MAC8 North America Marine Mammals$5.95Buy Now
MAC27 North America Salmon & Trout$5.95Buy Now
MACs1 Northwest Coastal Fish$5.95Buy Now
MAC2 Northwest Coastal Invertebrate$5.95Buy Now
MAC3 Northwest Coastal Waterbirds$5.95Buy Now
MAC29 Northwest Garden Bugs$5.95Buy Now
MAC26 Northwest Trees$5.95Buy Now
MAC40 Olympic National Park Field Gd$5.95Buy Now
MAC15 Pacific Northwest Wildflowers$5.95Buy Now
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