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Upside Down World Map - What's up? SOUTH!

What's up? South! is a large format upside down world map where the southern hemisphere is at the top of the map.  See the world differently...is this map really upside down?

  • 2 sizes: 56" x 36" or 36" x 24"
  • Available paper, flat or folded and laminated rolled
  • Up-to-date & easy to read countries
  • Capitals, cities, major rivers and shaded relief
  • Van Der Grinten Projection
  • The bottom has examples of other map projections: Peters Projection, Population Map, Bucky Fuller Projection...
Item NumberSize / Paper or Laminated / Flat or FoldedPriceQty.
FRIWU 56" x 36" / Paper / Folded$24.95Buy Now
FRIWUL 56" x 36" / Laminated / Flat$34.95Buy Now
FRIWUSP 36" x 24" / Paper / Folded$24.95Buy Now
FRIWUSR 36" x 24" / Paper / Flat$24.95Buy Now
FRIWUSL 36" x 24" / Laminated / Flat$34.95Buy Now
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