Framed World Map: World Hemispheres

Framed World Map: World Hemispheres
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This unique, world wall map from National Geographic revisits a style used in antique world maps, displaying the east and west hemispheres in seperate circles.  Pastel colors are used to show the political boundaries of the individual countries, all with a brown background.
  • Measures 43" x 25"
  • Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area Projection
  • Up-to-date, but with an old world look
  • Insets of the North and South Poles
  • Shading and labels on ocean crests
Framed world map ready to hang on the wall!  Mounted on wood and sealed with a non-glare, matte finish.  Small beveled edge with your choice of color. 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for framing.

Item NumberSize / Edge ColorPriceQty.
NGSWH-framed-F02 43" x 25" / Black$199.95Buy Now
NGSWH-framed-F03 43" x 25" / Black Marble$199.95Buy Now
NGSWH-framed-F20 43" x 25" / Dark Blue$199.95Buy Now
NGSWH-framed-F22 43" x 25" / Brown$199.95Buy Now

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