Framed Antique Map Print: Seattle in 1891

Framed Antique Map Print: Seattle in 1891
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Antique reproduction map of Seattle only 18 months after the great fire, drawn by Augustus Koch.  Stunning color map that beautifully depicts old Seattle - before any stadiums, before any ship canals, and before any landfills.

Framed Seattle map ready to hang on the wall.  Plak mounted on wood and sealed with a non-glare, matte finish.  Small beveled edge with your choice of color. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for framing.


Item NumberSize / Edge ColorPriceQty.
KROLCSM-framed-F02 27.5" x 18.25" / Black$125.00Buy Now
KROLCSM-framed-F03 27.5" x 18.25" / Black Marble$125.00Buy Now
KROLCSM-framed-F08 27.5" x 18.25" / Dark Red Marble$125.00Buy Now
KROLCSM-framed-F22 27.5" x 18.25" / Brown$125.00Buy Now

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