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Framed Map of the New York Ciy Subway

Vintage map of the New York City subways circa 1940 framed and ready to hang on the wall!  Mounted on wood and sealed with a non-glare, matte finish.  Small beveled edge with your choice of color. 
For anyone who is a fan of Transit Maps or wants an interesting wall map of New Your City.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for framing.


Item NumberSize / Edge ColorPriceQty.
CAVWRAPNYSUB-framed-F02 20" x 28" / Black$110.00Buy Now
CAVWRAPNYSUB-framed-F03 20" x 28" / Black Marble$110.00Buy Now
CAVWRAPNYSUB-framed-F20 20" x 28" / Dark Blue$110.00Buy Now
CAVWRAPNYSUB-framed-F22 20" x 28" / Brown$110.00Buy Now
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