How do I mark on a map where I have traveled?

Map pins are a great way to mark where you have been on a map!  You can put pins into a paper or a laminated map, but you need some kind of backing, like foamcore.  We mount on foamcore, but we can't ship maps mounted.  If you don't live in the area you can have your map shipped and find a frame shop or craft store that will mount it for you.  Or you can just buy a piece of foamcore to put behind your map.  Most people buy a world map or United States map to mark where they have been, but any of our maps can be marked with pins!

If you don't want to put a hole in your map or you don't want to mount your map because you want to roll it up in the future you can use map dots!  These are tiny stickers that come in 2 sizes, a variety of colors and some are even numbered!

A world map with pins is a fun way to display a map and where you have traveled.

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