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Decorator Political World Map by National Geographic

A classy political world map, by National Geographic, called "The Decorator" has solid fills for the countries, and a pale blue cover for ocean areas.  A contrasting dark black border makes this world map a striking wall display!  Features the Winkel Tripel projection showing the round earth on a flat sheet of paper while trying to minimize distortion.
  • 2 sizes: 46" x 30" and 70" x 48"
  • Available paper or laminated
  • Up-to-date countries, capitals and cites
  • Insets of the North and South Poles
  • Light blue ocean with shading and labels on ocean crests
  • Solid black border 
Item NumberSize / Paper / LaminatedPriceQty.
NGSWDS 43" x 30" / Paper$22.99Buy Now
NGSWDSL 43" x 30" / Laminated$32.95Buy Now
NGSWDL 70" x 48" / Paper$42.95Buy Now
NGSWDLL 70" x 48" / Laminated$69.95Buy Now

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