Political World Map by National Geographic

This Political World Map features the Winkel Tripel projection showing the round earth on a flat sheet of paper while trying to minimize distortion.  This is the "classic" National Geographic world map look, with many cities labeled.

There are four sizes available for this world map: extra small (36"x24"), small (43"x30"), large (70"x48") and a beautiful three piece world map mural (110"x76").

  • Available paper or laminated (except the mural)
  • Up-to-date countries, capitals and cities
  • Insets of the North and South Poles
  • Differing shades of blue for ocean depths
  • Arrows indicating warm and cool ocean currents (except on the XS size)
Item NumberSize / Paper or LaminatedPriceQty.
NGSWC24x36 36"x24" / Paper$19.99Buy Now
NGSWC24X36L 36"x24" / Laminated$29.95Buy Now
NGSWCS 43"x30" / Paper$22.95Buy Now
NGSWCSL 43"x30" / Laminated$32.95Buy Now
NGSWCL 70"x48" / Paper$42.95Buy Now
NGSWCLL 70"x48" / Laminated$69.95Buy Now
NGSWC3 110"x76" 3 piece / Paper$109.99Buy Now

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