Japan Road Atlas l ITM

Japan Road Atlas l ITM

Completely revised and updated, this new Road and Railway Atlas of Japan published by ITM is essential for planning and using abroad!

Compact, Perfect Bound and Easy to use - this Road Atlas of Japan details the massive transit / rail system used by many when navigating through this wondrous country. The high speed / fast trains are shown in red while the regular trains are in blue. 

With it's expanded scale, this atlas shows all major highways, place names are easily read and points of interests are easy to locate.

Includes 38 pages of urban, city maps such as Tokyo, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Sapporo. You'll even get transit maps for all of them as well!

Total Page Count: 119 pages

Item NumberSize / ScalePriceQty.
ITMJPNAT 5.5" x 8.5" / 1:670,000$19.95Buy Now

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