Dynamic Earth, Plate Tectonics Map by National Geographic

A tectonic world map done by National Geographic called "The Dynamic Earth."  Physical world map featuring subduction zones, earthquakes, volcanoes, hot spots, spreading centers, and transform faults. A miniature inset on this tectonic map shows the 16 major plates worldwide.

  • 36" x 22", paper or laminated
  • Winkel Triple Projection
  • Labels ocean ridges, trenches and fracture zones
  • Shows faults, shaded relief and a few cities
  • List of notable earthquakes & volcanic eruptions of the 20th century
Item NumberSize / Paper / LaminatedPriceQty.
NGSDYN 36" x 22.5" / Paper$16.95Buy Now
NGSDYN-lam 36" x 22.5" / Laminated$26.95Buy Now

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