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American Educational Products (the manufacturers of Hubbard Raised Relief Maps) sadly closed it's doors on October 18th, 2019.

With that being said, a new company has revived these wonderful maps and are slowly, but surely bringing them back to life!

While we don’t have a massive inventory of them, we do have some titles back in stock.

If you’re interested in a particular title, feel free to send us an email ( sales@metskers.com ). 

Raised Relief Maps or Three Dimensional ( 3D ) Topographic Maps, offer an accurate representation of landscape showcasing all the features of a particular geographical area. 

Our selection of Raven Maps, Hubbard Scientific, USGS Sections, United States and National Park Maps is quite impressive. 

Raven Raised Relief Maps and Hubbard Scientific Relief Maps will make up the majority of Relief Maps on the market and you can find them all for sale right here. 

** Raised Relief Maps are printed on vinyl and are not intended to roll and/or fold. We ship them in a flat box and pack them with love (i.e. Plenty of bubble wrap!) **

** PLEASE NOTE: When mailing items to the Aloha State of Hawaii and the Last Frontier of Alaska, additional fees may be required for shipment. **


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