Washington Recreational Atlas by Benchmark

The Benchmark Map and Atlas Company produces atlases for selected states. They’re unique featuring two map formats to represent a variety of information.  The "Landscape" map section features elevation tinted shaded relief mapping showing mountain and valley landforms clearly. Major roads and backroads are shown in this part of the atlas, and the bold print makes them stand out on the page for ease in navigation.

The "Public Lands" or "Recreation" section of the atlas utilizes color coding to depict political designations such as state land, wilderness, U.S. Forest Service land, BLM land, Indian lands, State Parks, National Parks and others. This is also a very good resource for viewing the Game Management Units as their borders and designation numbers are shown in this section

The Washington State Benchmark Atlas has 125 total pages. The scale of the Landscape maps is 1:200,000 which equates to about 1"= 3 miles. The scale of the Public lands map is 1:600,000.

Other Features included in the Benchmark series are..

  • Campgrounds
  • RV Parks
  • Scenic Attractions
  • Boat Launches
  • BLM Land / Offices
  • Hunting / Fishing Information
  • Golf Courses
  • US Forest Service Offices Locations

As of September 2020 we have the 9th edition in stock!! It's magical, it's the 2021 edition.  

Item NumberSizePriceQty.
NGSBENWAAT - 9th ed/2021 11" x 16"$26.95Buy Now

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