Seattle & Washington Travel Map l ITM

Seattle & Washington Travel Map l ITM

Published by ITM - this Travel Map of our hometown / state of Seattle and Washington gets our seal of approval!

Side A covers the entire state of Washington and includes Portland / Northern Oregon and up to our friendly neighbor in the North, Vancouver BC. You'll find our National Parks (Olympic, North Cascades and Rainier) as well as our countless state parks, beaches, motorways tourist sites you can't miss and if you want to check out our islands, the ferry routes!

Side B is an impressively detailed map of Downtown Seattle. It stretches from the UW District to Beacon Hill and to the waterfront of Lake Washington. ITM has also included an inset map of the greater Seattle region. Our Rapid Transit Metro Lines also make an appearance if you'd prefer to go the public transit route.

Printed on Waterproof, Tearproof paper for durability.

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