Cascade Mountains Hiking Maps - South Region - Choose from the List

Cascade Mountains Hiking Maps - South Region - Choose from the List

Green Trail maps are easy to use hiking maps that have topographical information, backroads, trails, campsites, information about winter recreation, and more. Green Trail maps show hiking trails clearly marked in green, with trail distances also listed.

Most maps are at a scale of 1:69,500. Those not at that scale are more detailed.

Map #364S covers the crater of Mt St Helens in greater detail.
Map #332S (Mount St. Helens) covers almost all of #332 and #364.
Map #367S centers on Mt Adams to give the whole mountain on one map.
Map #270S gives detailed large scale coverage of the beautiful "Paradise" area of Mt Rainier National Park. 
Want all Mt. Rainer on one map see #269S, includes information on the Wonderland Trail.

Available in paper or laminated versions. The laminate is thin so it is easily foldable. Some titles are printed on waterproof paper so we don't offer them laminated.

Most maps will ship folded.


Item NumberMap Title / Paper or LaminatedPriceQty.
GRE269 Mt Rainier West / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE269-lam Mt Rainier West / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE270 Mt Rainier East / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE270-lam Mt Rainier East / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE269S Mt Rainier Wonderland Trail / Waterproof Paper$18.00Buy Now
GRE270S Paradise / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE270S-lam Paradise / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE271 Bumping Lake / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE271-lam Bumping Lake / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE272 Old Scab Mountain / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE272-lam Old Scab Mountain / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE273 Manastash Lake / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE273-lam Manastash Lake / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE301 Randle / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE301-lam Randle / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE302 Packwood / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE302-lam Packwood / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE303 White Pass / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE303-lam White Pass / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE303S Goat Rocks, William O. Douglas / Waterproof Paper$14.00Buy Now
GRE304 Rimrock / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE304-lam Rimrock / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE305 Tieton / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE305-lam Tieton / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE332 Spirit Lake / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE332-lam Spirit Lake / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE333 Mc Coy Peak / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE333-lam Mc Coy Peak / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE334 Blue Lake / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE334-lam Blue Lake / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE335 Walupt Lake / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE335-lam Walupt Lake / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE364 Mt St Helens / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE364-lam Mt St Helens / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE364S Mt St Helens Northwest-the Crater / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE364S-lam Mt St Helens Northwest-the Crater / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE332S Mt. St. Helens NVM / Waterproof Paper$14.00Buy Now
GRE365 Lone Butte / Paper$8.00Out of stock indefinately
GRE365-lam Lone Butte / Laminated$12.00Out of stock indefinately
GRE365S Indian Heaven Wilderness / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE365S-lam Indian Heaven Wilderness / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE366 Mt Adams West / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE366-lam Mt Adams West / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE367S Mt Adams Special Series / Paper$8.00See New Special Series Edition
GRE396 Lookout Mountain / Paper$8.00Out of Print
GRE396-lam Lookout Mountain / Laminated$12.00Out of Print
GRE397 Wind River / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE397-lam Wind River / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE398 Willard / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE398-lam Willard / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE428* Bridal Veil, WA & OR / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE428-lam* Bridal Veil, WA & OR / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE428S- Columbia River West / Waterproof Paper$14.00Buy Now
GRES432S- Columbia River East / Waterproof Paper$14.00Buy Now
GRE429* Bonneville Dam, WA & OR / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE429-lam* Bonneville Dam, WA & OR / Laminated$12.00Buy Now
GRE430* Hood River, WA & OR / Paper$8.00Buy Now
GRE430-lam* Hood River, WA & OR / Laminated$12.00Buy Now

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