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Oregon Cascades Watercolor Map l Elizabeth Person

This Watercolor Map Print of the Oregon Cascade Mountains was created by one of our favorite local artists, Elizabeth Person!

This Peak Map of the Cascades in Oregon captures all of the prominent peaks from Mt. Hood to Mt. Ashland.

The perspective is as if you were floating above the Pacific looking inland, due east. 

Elizabeth spent a lot of time researching this print to get it just right. Utilizing hiker blogs, National Park Maps, Google Earth and USGS Maps to piece together this unique view.

Note: Watermark will not be included on your map.
This is a high quality paper archival print. 

Item NumberSize / Paper / FinishPriceQty.
EPAOCS 5" x 15" / Paper$19.00Buy Now
EPAOCSCP 5" x 15" / Plak Mounted$42.00Buy Now
EPAOCL 8" x 24" / Paper$40.00Buy Now
EPAOCLCP 8" x 24" / Plak Mounted$98.00Buy Now

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