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Strait of Georgia/ Desolation Sound/ Gulf Islands Nautical Charts

A selection of Canadian Nautical Charts for the Strait of Georgia, Desolation Sound & the Gulf Islands.

Areas covered: Jervis Inlet, Howe Sound, Sunshine Coast, Toba Inlet, Thetis Island to Nanaimo.

Item NumberMap Title / ScalePriceQty.
CHY3442 CHY3442-North Pender Island to Thetis Island / 1:40,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3443 CHY3443-Thetis Island to Nanaimo / 1:40,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3463 CHY3463-Strait of Georgia Southern Part / 1:80,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3512 CHY3512-Strait of Georgia Central Part / 1:80,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3513 CHY3513-Strait of Georgia Northern Part / 1:80,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3514 CHY3514-Jervis Inlet, Malibu Rapids, Sechelt Rapid / 1:50,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3526 CHY3526-Howe Sound / 1:40,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3535 CHY3535-Malaspina Strait, Pender Hrbr, Secret Cove / Variable Scales$24.00Buy Now
CHY3538 CHY3538-Desolation Sound and Sutil Channel / Variable Scales$24.00Buy Now
CHY3539 CHY3539-Discovery Passage, Seymour Narrows / 1:40,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3541 CHY3541-Approaches to Toba Inlet / 1:40,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3311-folded  CHY3311-Sunshine Coast Small Craft Chart FoldedSet / 1:40,000$33.00Out of Print
CHY3312-atlas CHY3312-Jervis Inlet and Desolation Sound Atlas / Variable Scales$95.00Out of Print

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