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West Coast of Vancouver Island Nautical Charts

Canadian Nautical Charts of the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Areas included: Barkley Sound, Broken Group, Nootka Sound, Kyoquot Sound, Tofino.

Item NumberMap Title / ScalePriceQty.
CHY3606 CHY3606-Juan de Fuca Strait / 1:110,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3623 CHY3623-Kyuquot Sound to Cape Cook / 1:80,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3646 CHY3646-Barkley Sound, Bamfield,Ucleulet Inlets... / Variable Scales$24.00Buy Now
CHY3668 CHY3668-Alberni Inlet / 1:40,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3670 CHY3670-Broken Group / 1:20,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3671 CHY3671-Barkley Sound / 1:40,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3675 CHY3675-Nootka Sound, Gold River / 1:40,000$24.00Buy Now
CHY3682 CHY3682-Kyoquot Sound / 1:36,700$24.00Buy Now
CHY3685 CHY3685-Tofino / 1:20,000$24.00Buy Now

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