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World Raised Relief Map - NCR Series

This World Raised Relief Map shows relief on the continental land areas. NCR stands for "Natural Color Relief" and means that the deserts appear brown and the forested areas appear in green. Prominent features on this Raised Relief World Map include the Plateau of Tibet, the Ethiopian Highlands, the Andes and the Rocky Mountains.

Map scale: 1:46,875,000 or 1"=~750 miles
Measures: 34" x 22"

** Raised Relief Maps are printed on vinyl and are not intended to roll and/or fold. We ship them in a flat box and pack them with love (i.e. Plenty of bubble wrap!) **

Item NumberSize / Frame OptionsPriceQty.
AEPWO3422 34" x 22" / Unframed$35.25Buy Now
AEPWO3422FB 34" x 22" / Black Plastic$66.25No Longer Available
AEPWO3422FG 34" x 22" / Gold Plastic$66.25No Longer Available
AEPWO3422FW 34" x 22" / Oak Wood$104.00No Longer Available

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