San Juan Islands & Gulf Islands Raised Relief Map

Deep blue waters and verdent green forests dominate this raised relief map of the San Juan & Gulf Islands.  This map features natural colors using satellite imagery to show off the islands.  You can feel the flatness of Lopez Island for bicycling enthusiasts, and feel the rise of Mount Constitution on Orcas Island to give you a dominating view of the area.  This raised relief map of the San Juan Islands is produced at a breath-taking 1:125,000's like actually being there!

* Please Note: This Map is no longer being printed. We only have framed versions available.

** Raised Relief Maps are printed on vinyl and are not intended to roll and/or fold. We ship them in a flat box and pack them with love (i.e. Plenty of bubble wrap!) **

Item NumberSize / Frame OptionsPriceQty.
STISJIGIFR 28.5"x22" / Black Metal$159.95No Longer Available

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