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Knowledge Trivia Cards - CHOOSE from the List!

Knowledge Trivia Cards - CHOOSE from the List!

Trivia cards for all ages!
We carry a wide variety of knowledge flash cards ranging from Famous Movie Lines to Herbs & Medicines to the Civil Rights Movement. 

Each deck has 48 fact-filled cards per package, all in a deck the size of a pack of playing cards.
Item NumberTitlePriceQty.
POMK372a A Flight of Birds$10.95Buy Now
POMK211a African American History$10.95Buy Now
POMK131a American History$10.95Buy Now
POMK275a American History Volume II$10.95Buy Now
POMK291a American Revolutionary War$10.95Buy Now
POMK347a Ancient Egypt$10.95Buy Now
POMK152a Animal Spirits$10.95Buy Now
POMK224a Ask the Experts Science$10.95Buy Now
POMK367a Ask the Experts Science Volume II$10.95Buy Now
POMK130a Biology Quiz$10.95Buy Now
POMK244a Can You Name Them All?$10.95Buy Now
POMK343a Can You Name Them All? Volume II$10.95Buy Now
POMK366a Can You Name Them All? Volume II$10.95Buy Now
POMK143a Chemistry Quiz$10.95Buy Now
POMK172a Civil Rights Movement$10.95Buy Now
POMK350a Classic Comic Strips$10.95Buy Now
POMK205a Classic Love Songs$10.95Buy Now
POMK183a Constellations$10.95Buy Now
POMK206a Dinosaurs$10.95Buy Now
POMK369a Does This Name Ringa Bell?$10.95Buy Now
POMK371a Evolutionary Curiosities$10.95Buy Now
POMSC0100a Extreme Nature$10.95Buy Now
POMK373a Flags of the World$10.95Buy Now
POMK119a Forgotten English$10.95Buy Now
POMK167a Forgotten English Volume III$10.95Buy Now
POMK324a Global Warming$10.95Buy Now
POMK123a Goddesses$10.95Buy Now
POMK204a Great Lines in Movies$10.95Buy Now
POMK278a Great Lines in Movies Volume II$10.95Buy Now
POMK345a Greek Mythology$10.95Buy Now
POMK163a Herbs & Medicines$10.95Buy Now
POMK333a Historic Encounters$10.95Buy Now
POMK310a How Long is a Second?$10.95Buy Now
POMK273a In Two Shakes of a Lamb's Tail$10.95Buy Now
POMK153a Latin for the Illiterate$10.95Buy Now
POMK185a Mathematical Games$10.95Buy Now
POMK219a Melodrama & Modernism$10.95Buy Now
POMK281a Mona Lisa, The Kiss & The Thinker$10.95Buy Now
POMK337a Name That Composer$10.95Buy Now
POMK365a Once Upon a Time$10.95Buy Now
POMK162a Queen's English$10.95Buy Now
POMK115a Quotable Shakespeare$10.95Buy Now
POMK315a Quotes from US Presidents$10.95Buy Now
POMK321a Riddles$10.95Buy Now
POMK374a Riddles Volume II$10.95Buy Now
POMK342a Rocks, Minerals & Gems$10.95Buy Now
POMK351a RSVP Etiquette$10.95Buy Now
POMK292a Scientific America$10.95Buy Now
POMK312 Shall We Dance?$10.95Buy Now
POMK270a Shakespeare's Quips$10.95Buy Now
POMK133a Shakespeare's Sonnets$10.95Buy Now
POMK261a US Constitution$10.95Buy Now
POMK357a What Animal Am I?$10.95Buy Now
POMK268a What Do You Know About Baseball?$10.95Buy Now
POMK241a What Happened Here? Boston Edition$10.95Buy Now
POMK274a What Happened Here? Civil War Edition$10.95Buy Now
POMK283a What Happened Here? World War II Edition$10.95Buy Now
POMK359a What Really Happened?$10.95Buy Now
POMSC0105a What's the Difference?$10.95Buy Now
POMK325a Where Is This? Satellite Edition$9.95Buy Now
POMK286a Who Am I? Game Stars Edition$9.95Buy Now
POMK368a Who Created This? Iconic Art Edition$9.95Buy Now
POMSC0107a Wilderness Survival Skills$9.95Buy Now
POMK262a Women in the White House$9.95Buy Now
POMK101a Women Who Dare$9.95Buy Now
POMK140a Women Who Dare Volume II$9.95Buy Now
POMK165a The 50 United States$9.95Buy Now

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