Pacific Crest Trail Map - South Washington Cascades

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is the jewel in the crown of America's scenic trails, spanning 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada.

Printed on waterproof paper, these Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail Maps are unique in their coverage, focusing only on the trail itself and 2 miles to each side instead of a broad region. The maps then divide the trail into sections, giving a graphic display of elevation changes for each section.  These maps are printed at a scale of 1"=1 mile and also show contours.

The Southern Washington Cascades map is broken into four sections:
1) Columbia River to Sawtooth Mtn (68 miles)
2) Sawtooth Mtn to Cispus Pass (57 miles)
3) Cispus Pass to Chinook Pass (52 miles)
4) Chinook Pass to Snoqualmie Pass (69 miles).

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