Northwest Coast Wall Map - South half

This hand drafted map covers from Bella Bella and Ocean Falls, British Columbia, to Lincoln City, Oregon - illustrating the intricate waterways and abundance of islands that make up this complex coastal area.  It includes all of Vancouver Island, Puget Sound, Willapa Bay, Gray's Harbor and the mouth of the Columbia River.

Historical notes on early explorers, Lewis and Clark, the Klondike gold rush, and native peoples flesh out the rich heritage of the region. Marine facilities, parks, wildlife areas and other points of interest are also marked.

Match lines at the top allow this map to be joined with The Northwest Coast - North Half to give you an entire wall (9 feet 6 inches) of nearly 1200 miles of pristine Pacific Northwest coastline.

Available paper or laminated.  The lamination has a nice matte finish so there is less glare than is typical, but with the same protection!

Item NumberSize / Paper or LaminatedPriceQty.
SOB1003 30"x58" / Paper$25.95Out of Stock
SOB0003L 30"x58" / Laminated$49.95Out of Stock

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