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National Geographic Decorator USA Wall Map

United States Wall Map also known as the "Decorator" depicts each state in a different color using a unique palette. 
All of the standard features are shown: highways, roads, cities, rivers, etc. Subtle shading is used to show mountain ranges as well.  
This political wall map of the USA is available in two sizes: small (29 1/4" x 42 1/2") and large (48" x 69").
Item NumberSize / Paper / LaminatedPriceQty.
NGSUSDS 30.5" x 43.5" / Paper$22.95Buy Now
NGSUSDSL 30.5" x 43.5" / Laminated$32.95Buy Now
NGSUSDL 48" x 69" / Paper$42.95Buy Now
NGSUSDLL 48" x 69" / Laminated$69.95Buy Now

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