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Kayaking Maps - Puget Sound / San Juans / Barclay Sound

Kayaking Maps - Puget Sound / San Juans / Barclay Sound

SeaTrails Charts are paddling maps specifically suited for sea kayakers.

They include relevant paddling information such as public launch points, campgrounds, paddling hazards, light and buoy locations, navigational aids, rocks, reefs, depth contours, and ferry routes.

To aid in trip planning, shoreline distances and bearings are given for selected routes.

The maps are waterproof, and their compact size allows them to fit easily on a kayak deck.

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Item NumberMap TitlePriceQty.
SEAWA000 SET: San Juan Islands SeaTrails$79.95Buy Now
SEAWA100 SET: North Puget Sound SeaTrails$79.95Buy Now
SEAWA200 SET: South Puget Sound SeaTrails$79.95Buy Now
SEAWA001 Rosario Strait Bellingham SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA002 Lopez Blakely Decatur Shaw SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA003 San Juan Island Stuart Island SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA004 Orcas Island North San Juan SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA005 Lummi Island Bellingham SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA101 Deception Pass Skagit Bay SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA102 Camano Island Port Susan SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA103 Port Townsend Dungeness SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA104 Central Puget Sound Everett SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA105 North Hood Canal Dosewallips SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA201 South Hood Canal Dabob Bay SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA202 Seattle Bainbridge Island SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA203 Vashon Island Tacoma Narrows SeaTrails $16.95Buy Now
SEAWA204 Nisqually Delta Anderson Island SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA205 Olympia SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA301 Strait of Juan de Fuca/Dungeness to CpF/ SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEAWA302 Cape Flattery SeaTrails$16.95Buy Now
SEABC001 Barkley Sound-Broken Group$18.95Buy Now
SEABC002 Barkley Sound-Deer Group$18.95Buy Now
SEAWAU01 Lake Washington$12.95Buy Now

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