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Mini Flags A - L - Choose from the List

Afghanistan to Luxembourg Country Flags

These miniature country flags measure 6" wide by 4" tall and are on a stick for a total height of 10"...great for a desk flag!

Optional bases:
1, 2, 3 and 5 hole bases are black plastic
24 hole base is wood. Approx 30 inches long.

Item NumberCountryPriceQty.
HOFAFGMINI Afghanistan$4.99Buy Now
HOFALBMINI Albania$4.99Buy Now
HOFALGMINI Algeria$4.99Buy Now
HOFANGOMINI Angola$4.99Buy Now
HOFARGMINI Argentina$4.99Buy Now
HOFARMMINI Armenia$4.99Buy Now
HOFAUSSIMINI Australia$4.99Buy Now
HOFAUSTMINI Austria$4.99Buy Now
HOFAZEMINI Azerbaijan$4.99Buy Now
HOFBAHAMINI Bahamas$4.99Buy Now
HOFBAHRMINI Bahrain$4.99Buy Now
HOFBANMINI Bangladesh$4.99Buy Now
HOFBBARMINI Barbados$4.99Buy Now
HOFBELAMINI Belarus$4.99Buy Now
HOFBELGMINI Belgium$4.99Buy Now
HOFBELIMINI Belize$4.99Buy Now
HOFBENMINI Benin$4.99Buy Now
HOFBHUMINI Bhutan$4.99Buy Now
HOFBOLMINI Bolivia$4.99Buy Now
HOFBOSMINI Bosnia-Herzegovina$4.99Buy Now
HOFBOTMINI Botswana$4.99Buy Now
HOFBRAMINI Brazil$4.99Buy Now
HOFBULMINI Bulgaria$4.99Buy Now
HOFBURKMINI Burkina Faso$4.99Buy Now
HOFCAMBMINI Cambodia$4.99Buy Now
HOFCAMEMINI Cameroon$4.99Buy Now
HOFCANMINI Canada$4.99Buy Now
HOFCARMINI Central African Rep.$4.99Buy Now
HOFCHAMINI Chad$4.99Buy Now
HOFCHILMINI Chile$4.99Buy Now
HOFCHINMINI China$4.99Buy Now
HOFCOLMINI Colombia$4.99Buy Now
HOFCONMINI Congo$4.99Buy Now
HOFCOSMINI Costa Rica$4.99Buy Now
HOFCROMINI Croatia$4.99Buy Now
HOFCUBMINI Cuba$4.99Buy Now
HOFCYPMINI Cyprus$4.99Buy Now
HOFCZEMINI Czech Republic$4.99Buy Now
HOFDEMMINI Dem. Rep. of Congo$4.99Buy Now
HOFDENMINI Denmark$4.99Buy Now
HOFDOMIMINI Dominica$4.99Buy Now
HOFDOMRMINI Dominican Republic$4.99Buy Now
HOFETIMMINI East Timor$4.99Buy Now
HOFECUMINI Ecuador$4.99Buy Now
HOFEGYMINI Egypt$4.99Buy Now
HOFELSMINI El Salvador$4.99Buy Now
HOFENGSGMINI England$4.99Buy Now
HOFERIMINI Eritrea$4.99Buy Now
HOFESTMINI Estonia$4.99Buy Now
HOFETHMINI Ethiopia$4.99Buy Now
HOFEUNIONMINI European Union$4.99Buy Now
HOFFIJMINI Fiji$4.99Buy Now
HOFFINMINI Finland$4.99Buy Now
HOFFRAMINI France$4.99Buy Now
HOFGABMINI Gabon$4.99Buy Now
HOFGAMMINI Gambia$4.99Buy Now
HOFGEOMINI Georgia$4.99Buy Now
HOFGERMINI Germany$4.99Buy Now
HOFGHAMINI Ghana$4.99Buy Now
HOFGREEMINI Greece$4.99Buy Now
HOFGRENMINI Grenada$4.99Buy Now
HOFGUAMINI Guatemala$4.99Buy Now
HOFGUIMINI Guinea$4.99Buy Now
HOFGU-BIMINI Guinea-Bissau$4.99Buy Now
HOFGUYMINI Guyana$4.99Buy Now
HOFHAIMINI Haiti$4.99Buy Now
HOFHONMINI Honduras$4.99Buy Now
HOFHKNMINI Hong Kong$4.99Buy Now
HOFHUNMINI Hungary$4.99Buy Now
HOFICEMINI Iceland$4.99Buy Now
HOFINDIMINI India$4.99Buy Now
HOFINDOMINI Indonesia$4.99Buy Now
HOFIRANMINI Iran$4.99Buy Now
HOFIRAQMINI Iraq$4.99Buy Now
HOFIREMINI Ireland$4.99Buy Now
HOFISRMINI Israel$4.99Buy Now
HOFITAMINI Italy$4.99Buy Now
HOFIVOMINI Ivory Coast$4.99Buy Now
HOFJAMMINI Jamaica$4.99Buy Now
HOFJAPMINI Japan$4.99Buy Now
HOFJORMINI Jordan$4.99Buy Now
HOFKAZMINI Kazakhstan$4.99Buy Now
HOFKENMINI Kenya$4.99Buy Now
HOFKIRMINI Kiribati$4.99Buy Now
HOFKUWMINI Kuwait$4.99Buy Now
HOFKYRMINI Kygyzstan$4.99Buy Now
HOFLAOMINI Laos$4.99Buy Now
HOFLATMINI Latvia$4.99Buy Now
HOFLEBMINI Lebanon$4.99Buy Now
HOFLESMINI Lesotho$4.99Buy Now
HOFLIBEMINI Liberia$4.99Buy Now
HOFLIEMINI Liechtenstein$4.99Buy Now
HOFLIBMINI Libya$4.99Buy Now
HOFLITMINI Lithuania$4.99Buy Now
HOFLUXMINI Luxembourg$4.99Buy Now
HOFBASE1P 1 Hole Base$1.99Buy Now
HOFBASE2P 2 Hole Base$2.99Buy Now
HOFBASE3P 3 Hole Base$2.99Buy Now
HOFBASE5P 5 Hole Base$3.99Buy Now
HOFBASE24W 24 Hole Base$18.50Not available at this time.

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