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Baseball Team Names Poster by Pop Chart Lab

Baseball Team Names "meticulous metric" by Pop Chart Lab is a creative and comprehensive taxonomical organization of 482 professional baseball team names, spanning over 150 years and covering teams from the big leagues to the minor and independent leagues, as well as the Negro Leagues, the Nippon Professional Baseball league, and more! The team names are organized into six main classifications: Plants and Animals, People, Inanimate Objects, Natural Features, Concepts and Places of Origin. Each classification then has numerous sub classifications and then down to the various and assorted team names that have existed throughout baseball history. It is fun to study this creative grouping of teams, and to try to see how many of the team names that you can recognize.
The progression of our local Seattle team goes like this - People - Professions - Navigators - Mariners, and they share the "Navigators" category with such historical teams as the Lakeland Pilots, the Coastal Bend Aviators, and the Erie Sailors.

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