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Our Local Universe Set

Our Local Universe Set
The Universe is a huge place, sometimes too big to comprehend.

Begin your space exploration with Our Local Universe Marble Box Set, a great way to explore the closest celestial bodies to Earth without getting too lost in the cosmos! This box set includes the Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and a jumbo marble with a galaxy design. Put them out on display, keep them in the box to admire, or store them in the velvet pouch.
  • The perfect gift to inspire, educate, play, give perspective, and bring peace
  • Includes geographically accurate 1/2" Moon, 1" Earth & Mars marbles and artistic interpretations of Mercury, Venus, and The Galaxy Marbles
  • Stainless steel stands and drawstring pouch included
  • Warning - small celestial bodies, choking hazard
  • The geographic art is expertly kiln fired at over 1000 degrees, creating an all-glass masterpiece that will last a lifetime! 
Handmade in the USA
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