Age of Pirates World Wall Map

The Age of Pirates World Map displays current information but with an "antique" look and lots of fun pirate details!  Illustrations include: sailing ships, sea monsters, swords, firearms, navigation tools and a pirate ship with its parts labeled.  Also included are information boxes on the pirate code of conduct, walking the plank and more!  The map is up to date with country boundaries, city names including capitals and major mountains and rivers.
  • 47" x 33", available paper or laminated
  • Up-to-date countries, capitals and cities
  • Lettering in hand drawn style
  • Drawings of: pirate ships with names, seamonsters navigation tools, and a compass rose

Item NumberPaper or Laminated / SizePriceQty.
ITMZRAYPIRWO Paper / 47"x33"$32.95Buy Now
+WORRP Lamintated / 47"x33"$49.95Out of Stock

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