Benchmark Medallions - Choose from the List

Replica benchmarks of some of the world's highest peaks.  Cast metal, 3.25" in diameter and comes in fleece pouch.  Ideal for commemorating an adventure and a perfect gift for any climber!

Item NumberLocationPriceQty.
GLIACONCAGUABM Aconcagua$39.95Buy Now
GLIBORAHPEAKBM Borah Peak$39.95Buy Now
GLICRATERBM Crater Lake$39.95Buy Now
GLIDENALIBM Denali$39.95Buy Now
GLIDEVILSBM Devils Tower$39.95Buy Now
GLIELCAPITANBM El Capitan$39.95Buy Now
GLIGANNETTBM Gannett Peak$39.95Buy Now
GLIGLACIERPKBM Glacier Peak$39.95Buy Now
GLIGRANDTETONBM Grand Teton$39.95Buy Now
GLIGRANITEBM Granite Peak$39.95Buy Now
GLIHALFDOMEBM Half Dome$39.95Buy Now
GLIMAUNALOABM Mauna Loa$39.95Buy Now
GLIADAMSBM Mt. Adams$39.95Buy Now
GLIBAKERBM Mt. Baker$39.95Buy Now
GLIMONTBLANCBM Mt. Blanc$39.95Buy Now
GLIMTCONSTIBM Mt. Constitution$39.95Buy Now
GLIEVERESTBM Mt. Everest$39.95Buy Now
GLIFUJIBM Mt. Fuji$39.95Buy Now
GLIHOODBM Mt. Hood$39.95Buy Now
GLIKILAUEABM Mt. Kilauea$39.95Buy Now
GLIKILIMANBM Mt. Kilimanjaro$39.95Buy Now
GLIMCKINLEYBM Mt. McKinley$39.95Buy Now
GLIOLYMPUSBM Mt. Olympus$39.95Buy Now
GLIRAINIERBM Mt. Rainier$39.95Buy Now
GLISHASTABM Mt. Shasta$39.95Buy Now
GLISHUKSANBM Mt. Shuksan$39.95Buy Now
GLIMTSTHELENSBM Mt. St. Helens$39.95Buy Now
GLIWHITNEYBM Mt. Whitney$39.95Buy Now
GLIBMBASE - Walnut Wooden Base$10.95Buy Now

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