Sea Monsters

Sea Monsters

What if there were sea serpents and giant man-eating lobsters waiting just off course if we were to lose our way?  In the sixteenth century, these and other monsters were thought to swim the northern waters, threatening seafarers who ventured too far from shore.  Thankfully, Scandinavian mariners had Olaus Magnus, who in 1539 charted these fantastic marine animals in his influential map of the Nordic countries, the Carta Marina.  In Sea Monsters, well-known expert on magical beasts Joseph Nigg brings readers face-to-face with these creatures, alongside the other magnificent components of Magnus’s map.

Sea Monsters is a stunning tour of a world that still holds many secrets for us land dwellers, who will forever be fascinated by reports of giant squid and the real-life creatures of the deep that have proven to be as bizarre and otherworldly as we have imagined for centuries.  It is a gorgeous guide for enthusiasts of maps, monsters, and the mythic.

168 pages / 10" x 11" / hardcover

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