Silk Road Travel Atlas

Silk Road Travel Atlas

The Great Silk Road has been the traditional trading route between Europe and China for two thousand years.  Starting in Xi’an in the east and ending at Antioch in the west for trans-shipment to European ports, camel caravans slowly wended their way westward with silks and exotic perfumes for western markets and returned eastward laden with trade goods from Europe.  Much of the Silk Road still exists and can be visited, albeit the parts in Syria and Iraq might be politically unwise to explore just at the moment. 

The Silk Road Atlas follows the route from west to east, starting in ancient Tyre (now Sour, in southern Lebanon) and in Samandag in Turkey, heading eastward through Syria and Iraq (with a two-page inset map of Damascus and a six-page spread for fabled Baghdad) before heading north of the Kavir Desert to Tehran (another four-page spread) and eastward into Afghanistan to follow either the northern or southern routes through modern-day Samarkand and Tashkent (more insets) before moving on to the Urumqi region of far-western China and ending at Xi’an.  The atlas is fully indexed and can be used east to west as easily as west to east.  This is a truly remarkable and practical travel atlas of adventure!
73 pages.

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