Iceland Travel Map l Michelin

Iceland Travel Map l Michelin

Michelin Map #750 is a single sided Road / Travel Map focusing on the Nordic Island Country of Iceland.

It's full of rich detail including it's network of roads ( we recommend driving the Ring Road if you have time! ) Mountain Peaks, Glaciers, Waterfalls (and trust us, there are plenty of those) and an inset of Reykjavik.

With impeccable road detail, scenic routes, clear country boundaries and shaded relief - this map is essential for planning!

Michelin has existed for over 100 years now. Today, their maps offer some of the best detail on where to go, how to get there, where to eat and where to stay.

Their products deliver the same promise of quality and consistency we expect from them as one of the world's most trusted brands.
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MIC750 39" x 47" / 1:500,000$12.95Buy Now

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