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Greater Puget Sound Terrain (Shaded Relief) Map by Kroll Map Company


This map of the Puget Sound, by longtime local publisher Kroll Map Company, presents a captivating representation of the Puget Sound region that beautifully blends artistry with geography. Measuring 36 inches by 40 inches, this wall map of the Puget Sound provides a stunning visual display of the area's diverse and dynamic landscape, showcasing the exquisite details of the region.

The standout feature of this map is its utilization of terrain shading and subtle color variations to illustrate changes in elevation. The carefully chosen color palette allows for a nuanced depiction of the region's topography, from the majestic foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range to the gentle undulations of the coastal terrain. This terrain shading brings the map to life, providing a three-dimensional feel that engages and educates viewers about the region's geographical intricacies.

The coverage of this map extends from Marysville to Tacoma and from Bremerton to North Bend, encompassing a vast area that includes the entire Puget Sound waters and the foothills of the regal Cascade Mountain Range. Whether you're a local resident, a traveler, or simply an admirer of the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty, this map allows you to explore and appreciate the stunning geography that defines this remarkable region.

For those seeking durability and longevity, the Kroll's Puget Sound Terrain Map is available in two high-quality options: paper or laminated. The paper option provides a classic, elegant look suitable for framing and displaying in homes, offices, or educational institutions. On the other hand, the laminated version offers enhanced durability, making it ideal for educational settings, offices, or anywhere that demands a sturdy and long-lasting display.

Hang this Puget Sound map in your living room to evoke a sense of adventure and wonder every time you glance at it, or use it in a classroom to inspire curiosity and knowledge about the Puget Sound's geography. With its meticulous attention to detail and stunning visual representation, Kroll's Puget Sound Terrain Map is more than just a map—it's a piece of art that enriches your understanding of the beautiful and diverse Puget Sound region.

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