Shipping Information

In a World where small businesses must compete with “Free Shipping!” and "Flat Rate Shipping!"... it’s sometimes hard to keep up.

It is not our desire in any way, shape or form to make money off of you, our customers, via excess shipping charges.
Having our items for sale at reasonable prices leaves no wiggle room for us to lose on shipping and handling.
That being said, we charge only what we are charged.
We always check rates from UPS, USPS and Fed Ex (USPS is typically the least expensive option.)

We spend the necessary amount of time on each order to ensure it arrives to you uncrushed, non-wrinkled and package/tube intact!

What type of shipping options do you offer?

     On Small Orders – Items such as Map Tacks/Pins, Mini Flags and almost all of our Folded Maps will fall under this category. We always strive to achieve the lowest possible shipping charge and luckily for these little guys, they are the easiest to ship. Sent via USPS Mail, typical orders will range from $2.00 to $5.00 depending on the weight of your order. 

     On Rolled Maps - Shipping wall maps can be slightly tricky. Although tubes aren’t exactly the heaviest thing in the world, their length can sometimes be a problem. We ship via USPS and UPS; occasionally we are able to lower the cost of shipping. The receipt we include with your order will reflect the corrected total.

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Shipping to the Aloha State and the Last Frontier from us here in the lower 48 can be... well, expensive. Rest assured, we charge the cheapest rate possible and we are always more than happy to provide a quote for you.

Since our website is set up for customers typically in the contiguous US; it might quote you a lower price than what it actually is. We may contact you incase of a substantial difference in shipping costs. We apologize in advance if this (rare) inconvenience happens!

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately at this time we are not able to ship items outside of the United States. However, we do offer price quotes when provided with the items you're interested in and your postal address. Feel free to send us an email at and we’ll see what we can do for you!

What about Expedited Shipping?

Now this is where things can get a bit.. difficult. Even though UPS, USPS and Fed Ex will promise us that your package will get there by tomorrow, it might not always be the case. Once it leaves our store, we are all at the mercy of the shipping Gods. We don’t normally offer expedited shipping, but if you’re in a rush and don’t mind paying the difference, we’re more than happy to provide you with a quote and we’ll have it out the door as soon as possible.

My package arrived damaged… What do I do?

Never fear, Metsker’s is here! Please notify us immediately of any errors or damage to your order and we’ll correct the mistake. We may ask for a photograph to help us file insurance claims.

I’ve changed my mind. Can I return my order?

We’re pretty standard retail around these parts, at least in the returns department. We accept returns as long as they’re returned in resellable condition and we usually allow around a two week window. Give us a call with any questions or problems before returning items.

You can also call us and speak to a real, live human at 1-800-727-4430 or send us an email at


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