World Wall Maps

 Tyvek World Map
World map posters are a great way to both decorate and educate!  There are many different ways to represent the world on a sheet of paper and we strive to have the best selection of world wall maps.

Political world maps (which there are many of) tend to focus on county boundaries and cities.  They are generally brighter colors to easily distinguish the boundaries and are often also used as classroom maps or maps for kids.  Physical world maps feature the natural attributes of the world such as mountains and water features, but will often delineate the county boundaries also, but in a more subtle way.

There are many different map projections including Mercator, Van Der Grinten, Triple Winkel and equal area maps like the Peter's Projection or the Fuller Projection.  All are just different ways of representing the world, but some many argue that the most different of all is the Upside Down World Map!


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