Raven & Hubbard Raised Relief Maps - 3D Topographic

After years of operation, American Educational Products (the only supplier of Hubbard Raised Relief Maps) 
will be closing its doors.

Effective October 18th, we will be limited to what maps we have in store. 

While we're trying to have a substantial amount of titles available (Our stock room is only so big!), 
we intend to keep these wonderful maps available for as long we can.

We hope that a new manufacturer will come along and revive them soon!

Primarily created using Raven Maps or Hubbard Scientific, 3D Raised Relief Maps are unique, visually appealing and are a practical aid for gaining a better understanding of Topography and Geography.

Using Vinyl Molds, Raised Relief Maps are able to illustrate changes in elevation and other topographical information.  


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