Raven & Hubbard Raised Relief Maps - 3D Topographic

American Educational Products (the manufacturers of Hubbard Raised Relief Maps) sadly closed it's doors on October 18th, 2019.

With that being said, a new company has revived these wonderful maps and are slowly, but surely bringing them back to life!

While we don’t have a massive inventory of them, we do have some titles back in stock.

If you’re interested in a particular title, feel free to send us an email ( sales@metskers.com ).

Primarily created using Raven Maps or Hubbard Scientific, 3D Raised Relief Maps are unique, visually appealing and are a practical aid for gaining a better understanding of Topography and Geography.

Using Vinyl Molds, Raised Relief Maps are able to illustrate changes in elevation and other topographical information.


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