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World in Wood, World Map

World in Wood, World Map

The World in Wood is a handmade world map made entirely out of wood by Oregon artist, Scott Gielish.  The countries are carved out of different types and shades of wood so the shapes and boundaries of the countries of the world are easy to distinguish with over 80 different exotic and domestic woods used.  The lattice background is made from mahogany.  Measures approximately 54" x 44"

Each World In Wood Map is custom made to order and a little bit unique!

Examples of some of the woods used:
India - purpleheart
Russia - western red cedar
USA - birdseye maple
Canada - oak
Alaska - Alaskan yellow cedar
Argentina - zebrawood
Greenland - rosewood
Australia - Tennessee red cedar
Hawaii - koa
Mexico - ziricote
Brazil - canary
Antarctica - poplar

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