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California Raised Relief Map by Hubbard

Raised Relief map of California...it's 3d and includes place names.  The map also happens to include a raised relief map of Nevada, but Nevada does not have place names.

22" x 25" map at a scale of 1:2,000,000 or 1" = 30 miles...

** Raised Relief Maps are printed on vinyl and are not intended to roll and/or fold. We ship them in a flat box and pack them with love (i.e. Plenty of bubble wrap!) **
Item NumberSize / Frame OptionsPriceQty.
AEPCA2225 22"x25" / Unframed$30.75Buy Now
AEPCA2225FB 22"x25" / Black Plastic$61.75Buy Now
AEPCA2225FG 22"x25" / Gold Plastic$66.00Buy Now
AEPCA2225FW 22"x25" / Oak Wood$99.50Buy Now

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