Yakima Area 1:24K USGS Topo Maps

The 7.5 minute maps by USGS are the most detailed topographic maps of Washington State and are the best tool for figuring out the shape of the land using contour lines. Hills, depressions, cliffs, plateaus, and other physical features are clearly marked on these maps, while colors and symbols indicate whether these hills are wooded or clear. Roads, trails, power lines and shelters are also marked.
USGS Map titles in this region are listed below...

Map titles include: Badger Gap,Black Rock Spring,Black Rock Spring,Black Rock Spring NW,Black Rock Spring SW,Blue Lake,Bluelight,Bluelight NW,Boylston,Bumping Lake,Burnt Peak,Camas Patch,Castile Falls,Chinook Pass,Cliffdel,Cougar Lake,Darland Mountain,Doris,East Canyon Ridge,East Kittitas,Elephant Mountain,Ellensburg South,Fairview Ridge,Fort Simcoe, Foundation Ridge,French Butte,Ginkgo,Glaciate Butte,Glenwood,Golden Lakes,Goose Prairie,Granger,Granger NE,Granger NW,Green Mountain,Greenhorn Buttes,Hagerty Butte,Hamilton Buttes,Harrah,Harrah SE,Hembre Mountain, Hudson Creek,Jennies Butte,Jungle Butte,King Mountain,Kittitas,Kusshi Creek,Logy Creek Falls,Logy Creek NE,Logy Creek SW,Lone Butte,Lost Horse Plateau,Mabton West,Manastash Creek,Manastash Lake,McCoy Peak,McDonald Spring,McKays Butte,Medicine Valley,Meeks Table,Milk Canyon,Mount Adams East,Mount Adams West,Mount Rainier East,Mount Rainier West,Mount Wow,Mowich Lake,Naches,Nile,Norse Peak,Ohanapecosh Hot Springs,Old Scab Mountain,Old Snowy Mountain,Outlet Falls,Packwood,Packwood Lake,Pine Mountain,Pinegrass Ridge,Piscoe Meadow,Poisel Butte,Poisel Butte NW,Poisel Butte SE,Poisel Butte SW,Poland Butte,Pomona,Purcell Mountain,Quartz Creek Butte,Randle,Rimrock Lake,Sawtooth Ridge,Selah,Selah Springs,Signal Peak,Sleeping Beauty,Spencer Butte,Spiral Butte,Stagman Butte,Steamboat Mountain,Sunnyside,Sunrise,Tampico,Tatoosh Lakes,The Cottonwoods, Tieton,Tieton Basin,Timberwolf Mountain,Toppenish,Toppenish Mountain, Toppenish SW,Tower Rock,Trout Lake,Tule Prong,Twin Buttes,Wahpenayo Peak,Walupt Lake,Wapato,Weddle Canyon,Wenas Lake,White Pass,White River Park,White Swan,Wiley City,Willy Dick Canyon,Windy Point,Wymer,Yakima East,Yakima West,Yesmowit Canyon.

If ordering only 1 or 2 titles, we will fold the maps and discount for shipping USPS.

Item NumberMap TitlePriceQty.
USGSYA24K-0 Badger Gap$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-1 Black Rock Spring$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-2 Black Rock Spring NE$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-3 Black Rock Spring NW$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-4 Black Rock Spring SW$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-5 Blue Lake$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-6 Bluelight$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-7 Bluelight NW$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-8 Boylston$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-9 Bumping Lake$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-10 Burnt Peak$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-11 Camas Patch$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-12 Castile Falls$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-13 Chinook Pass$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-14 Cliffdel$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-15 Cougar Lake$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-16 Darland Mountain$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-17 Doris$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-18 East Canyon Ridge$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-19 East Kittitas$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-20 Elephant Mountain$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-21 Ellensburg South$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-22 Fairview Ridge$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-23 Fort Simcoe$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-24 Foundation Ridge$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-25 French Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-26 Ginkgo$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-27 Glaciate Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-28 Glenwood$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-29 Golden Lakes$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-30 Goose Prairie$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-31 Granger$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-32 Granger NE$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-33 Granger NW$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-34 Green Mountain$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-35 Greenhorn Buttes$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-36 Hagerty Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-37 Hamilton Buttes$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-38 Harrah$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-39 Harrah SE$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-40 Hembre Mountain$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-41 Hudson Creek$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-42 Jennies Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-43 Jungle Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-44 King Mountain$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-45 Kittitas$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-46 Kusshi Creek$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-47 Logy Creek Falls$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-48 Logy Creek NE$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-49 Logy Creek SW$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-50 Lone Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-51 Lost Horse Plateau$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-52 Mabton West$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-53 Manastash Creek$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-54 Manastash Lake$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-55 McCoy Peak$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-56 McDonald Spring$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-57 McKays Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-58 Medicine Valley$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-59 Meeks Table$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-60 Milk Canyon$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-61 Mount Adams East$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-62 Mount Adams West$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-63 Mount Rainier East$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-64 Mount Rainier West$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-65 Mount Wow$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-66 Mowich Lake$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-67 Naches$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-68 Nile$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-69 Norse Peak$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-70 Ohanapecosh Hot Springs$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-71 Old Scab Mountain$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-72 Old Snowy Mountain$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-73 Outlet Falls$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-74 Packwood$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-75 Packwood Lake$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-76 Pine Mountain$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-77 Pinegrass Ridge$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-78 Piscoe Meadow$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-79 Poisel Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-80 Poisel Butte NW$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-81 Poisel Butte SE$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-82 Poisel Butte SW$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-83 Poland Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-84 Pomona$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-85 Purcell Mountain$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-86 Quartz Creek Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-87 Randle$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-88 Rimrock Lake$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-89 Sawtooth Ridge$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-90 Selah$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-91 Selah Springs$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-92 Signal Peak$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-93 Sleeping Beauty$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-94 Spencer Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-95 Spiral Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-96 Stagman Butte$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-97 Steamboat Mountain$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-98 Sunnyside$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-99 Sunrise$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-100 Tampico$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-101 Tatoosh Lakes$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-102 The Cottonwoods$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-103 Tieton$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-104 Tieton Basin$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-105 Timberwolf Mountain$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-106 Toppenish$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-107 Toppenish Mountain$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-108 Toppenish SW$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-109 Tower Rock$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-110 Trout Lake$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-111 Tule Prong$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-112 Twin Buttes$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-113 Wahpenayo Peak$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-114 Walupt Lake$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-115 Wapato$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-116 Weddle Canyon$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-117 Wenas Lake$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-118 White Pass$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-119 White River Park$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-120 White Swan$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-121 Wiley City$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-122 Willy Dick Canyon$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-123 Windy Point$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-124 Wymer$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-125 Yakima East$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-126 Yakima West$9.75Buy Now
USGSYA24K-127 Yesmowit Canyon$9.75Buy Now

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