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Crescent Area 1:24K USGS Topo Maps

The 7.5 minute maps by USGS are the most detailed topographic maps of Oregon and are the best tool for figuring out the shape of the land using contour lines.  Hills, depressions, cliffs, plateaus, and other physical features are clearly marked on these maps, while colors and symbols indicate whether these hills are wooded or clear.  Roads, trails, power lines and shelters are also marked.

Each measures approximately 22" x 27"
Covers about a 6 mile by 9 mile area for each map
USGS Map titles in this region are listed below...

Antelope Mountain, Bear Butte, Big Hole, Bridge Creek Draw, Burn Butte, Cabin Lake, Chemult, Crescent, Crescent Lake, Crescent NE, Fort Rock, Grass Well, Hager Mountain, Hole in the Ground, Location Butte, Mazama, McCarty Butte, Miller Lake, Muttonchop Butte, Oatman Flat, Odell Butte, Rodman Rock, Round Butte, Sellers Marsh, Silver Lake, Stams Mountain, Sugarpine Mountain, Sugarpine Mountain NW, Tea Table Mountain, Walker Mountain, Welch Butte, Wickiup Spring

If only ordering 1 or 2 titles, we will fold the maps, ship US Mail and discount the shipping. This discount will not show up until you get the final receipt with the package.

Item NumberMap TitlePriceQty.
OR-CR24K-0 Antelope Mountain$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-1 Bear Butte$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-2 Big Hole$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-3 Bridge Creek Draw$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-4 Burn Butte$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-5 Cabin Lake$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-6 Chemult$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-7 Crescent$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-8 Crescent Lake$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-9 Crescent NE$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-10 Fort Rock$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-11 Grass Well$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-12 Hager Mountain$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-13 Hole in the Ground$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-14 Location Butte$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-15 Mazama$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-16 McCarty Butte$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-17 Miller Lake$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-18 Muttonchop Butte$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-19 Oatman Flat$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-20 Odell Butte$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-21 Rodman Rock$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-22 Round Butte$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-23 Sellers Marsh$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-24 Silver Lake$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-25 Stams Mountain$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-26 Sugarpine Mountain$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-27 Sugarpine Mountain NW$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-28 Tea Table Mountain$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-29 Walker Mountain$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-30 Welch Butte$12.00Buy Now
OR-CR24K-31 Wickiup Spring$12.00Buy Now

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