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United States Railroad Legacy Map

Wall map showing major railroad routes of the United States: Union Pacific, BNSF, Canadian National Railway, etc.  Identifies place names, points of interest, train watching and present & 1920 interchanges.

The map portrays the routes of today's seven Class 1 (major) railroads, Amtrak's passenger routes, as well as those of the more than one hundred Class 1 railroads that ran in 1920 when five percent of the nation's work force (more than 2 million people) were employed by these lines. The map also highlights present-day and 1920 rail hubs along with text and illustrations of key events in America's railroad history such as the opening of New York City's Grand Central Terminal in 1913 and the last Class 1 line to employ steam locomotives in 1960. Notable sites such as tunnels, train-spotting locations, and railroad museums are also included on this  U.S. railroad map.

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