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Shellfish Guide for Washington State by Evergreen Pacific

Learn about every edible species of shellfish (and Squid) on the West Coast. Includes detailed explainations of the different varieties of clams, the how and where of trapping Dungeness crabs, and how to "shuck" an oyster. Discover the gourmet delicacy of Mediterranean mussels and the best time of year to harvest these shellfish.

Illustrations and color photos will help you understand all the information J.D. makes available in this complete guide for shellfishing on the west coast. Become educated on some of the environmental issues that will determine whether our Pacific Northwest smorgasbord of shellfish will be available for succeeding generations. And let J.D. share more than 40 of his favorite shellfish recipes with you.

All this along with charts (which include crab fishing zones for Puget Sound) and Washington & Oregon beach listings will help in making your next trip to harvest shellfish a great success.

139 pages, 6" x 9"

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