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Raised Relief Maps

Discover a whole new dimension of cartography with raised relief maps!  A blend of science and artistry where 2-D maps come to life in glorious 3-D. Imagine taking a flat map and magically infusing it with depth, transforming mere lines and colors into tangible landscapes. This feat is accomplished through a process called vacuum forming, where heat and air pressure collaborate to mold the map onto a base, creating a topographical wonderland you can touch and explore.

Raised Relief Maps are a delight for both your brain and your senses. Allow your fingers to glide across mountain ranges and valleys, and let your eyes feast on the contours and shapes that represent our planet's diverse geography. It's a tactile adventure that brings geographical data to life, making learning geography an interactive and immersive experience. 

Educational, check. Aesthetic, absolutely. Interactive, without a doubt. Raised relief maps don't just show you the lay of the land—they let you feel it. Prepare to embark on a journey of geography you can feel!


** Raised Relief Maps are printed on vinyl and are not intended to roll and/or fold. We ship them in a flat box and pack them with love (i.e. Plenty of bubble wrap!) **

** PLEASE NOTE: When mailing items to the Aloha State of Hawaii and the Last Frontier of Alaska, additional fees may be required for shipment. **