Raven "One World" Physical World Map

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Physical World Map.  Raven's "One World Map" is a striking image showing the world on three different axis rotations. The land heights and ocean depths are shown with color variations against a dark black background. All capitals, major cities, and important geographic features are named, but there are no country boundaries. 
  • 64" x 36", available paper or laminated
  • 3 Orthographic Projections of the world
  • Land colors based on elevation
  • Some cities labeled, no countries
  • Physical features named: rivers, lakes, oceans, deserts, plains, mountain ranges
Item NumberSize / Paper / LaminatedPriceQty.
RAVOWP 64" x 36" / Paper$50.00Buy Now
RAVOWL 64" x 36" / Laminated$75.00Buy Now

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