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Where is Metsker Maps?
Metsker Maps is located in Downtown Seattle on First Avenue, between Pike and Pine.  

We are on the west side of First in the Sanitary Market building of the Pike Place Market,

which is half a block north of the main entrance to the Market.

Where is the best place to park?
To be frank, parking in Downtown Seattle can be somewhat of a headache.

Besides metered street parking, we recommend using the Public Market Parking Garage located at 1531 Western Ave.
The garage is connected to the Market via elevator and sky bridge. 

You can find us by crossing the cobblestones, entering the Sanitary Market Building and if you somehow make it past all the wonderful food aromas, you're there!

We're currently offering Curbside Pickup availability as well.

Feel free to email us at sales@metskers.com or give us a call at 1-800-727-4430 if you have any questions.


I'm looking for a particular map, but I can't find it online?
Never fear, the Metskerteers are here! We're always happy to answer any and all questions. 

You're welcome to email us (sales@metskers.com) and we'll do our best to locate the map / find out its status.
What’s the difference between Shipping and Fixed Shipping?
Fixed Shipping is a charge that we came up with here at Metskers to give you the lowest possible rate. That means it overrides any other shipping charges. Sometimes however our website can’t differentiate between the 2 charges and will add both.

Rest assured you won’t be charged for both; we calculate the cost and lower it accordingly. We always include an itemized receipt with your final charges. 
What are your Shipping Options?
On Small Orders - Items such as Map Tacks/Pins, Mini Flags and almost all of our Folded Maps will fall under this category. We always try to provide the lowest possible shipping charge and luckily for these little guys, they are the easiest to ship. Sent via USPS First Class Mail, typical packages will range from $2.00 to $5.00 depending on the weight of your order. 

On Rolled Maps - Shipping wall maps can be slightly tricky. Although tubes aren’t exactly the heaviest thing in the world, their length can sometimes be a problem. We ship via USPS and UPS; occasionally we are able to lower the cost of shipping. The receipt we include with your order will reflect the corrected total.
Do you offer International Shipping?
Unfortunately at this time we are not able to ship items outside of the United States.

However, we do offer price quotes when provided with the items you're interested in and your postal address.

Feel free to send us an email at sales@metskers.com and we’ll see what we can do for you!

I changed my mind. Can I return my order?
We’re pretty standard retail around these parts, at least in the returns department.

We accept returns as long as they’re returned in resellable condition and we usually allow around a two week window.

Give us a call with any questions or problems before returning items.


What happened to the old Metsker Maps?
To make a long story short - back in the late 1990's, the Metsker Maps were purchased by an archiving company.

Reprints are still available, but we unfortunately do not have any to offer at our store.
Does Metsker Maps sell International Maps?
Not to brag, but here at Metskers we've estimated our stock to be over 30,000 maps deep. 

That being said, we have an extensive amount of inventory for International Maps. Whether you are looking for Wall Maps, City Maps, Recreational Maps, Regional Maps or just a good ole' fashioned Road Map anywhere from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, we've got you covered. 

Does Metsker Maps carry those "bumpy" maps?
"Bumpy" Maps as we lovingly refer to them around here are also known as Raised Relief or 3D Maps. 

To give the short answer to this question, the Raised Relief Maps went out of production late last year (2019). Another company has purchased all the hardware to start manufacturing them again and we hope to have them back in stock very soon. We have limited maps available, so feel free to send us an email or give us a call to see what we still have.

Does Metsker Maps have Topo or Hiking Maps?
We sure do! Our coverage of Washington (our home state) is nothing short of excellent.

USGS 7.5Topographic Maps, Green Trails, National Forest Service Maps and Trails Illustrated are just a few that we offer here at Metskers. 

If you're interested in other places, don't worry, we've got options for those too! Especially the Western States.

Does Metsker Maps sell Antique Maps?
Unfortunately here at Metskers, we do not have Antique Maps available for sale.

We do however have a rather large selection of high quality Replica Antique Maps that are much more affordable! 

What's the difference between political and physical on a map?

Political Maps

A political map focuses on boundaries between entities, like countries, states or counties.  They are generally brighter colors to easily distinguish the boundaries. 

Physical Maps
A physical map focuses on the geography of the area and will often have shaded relief to show the mountains and valleys.  Typical colors are blues, greens and browns.  Many rivers, mountains and lake features are usually labeled.  Cities, towns, countries and other political features are often labeled as well its just not the focus of the map or the first thing you notice.

Does Metsker Maps offer Custom Mapping?
Is the Sky Blue? Of course we do!

Through our affiliation with the one and only Kroll Map Company, a century old Seattle map publisher, we're able to offer personalized custom coverage and detail on many levels for the Pacific Northwest and beyond (but, mostly the PNW).

For more information, please visit www.krollmapcompany.com or call us at (206) 623-8747