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In the heart of downtown Seattle, you’ll find the Pike Place Market, a location we have called home for almost 20 years now!

Some of you may remember our old location down on 1st and Cherry, where we resided for decades.

Metsker Maps has been a fixture in the Pacific Northwest since the 1900's. To give you a little bit of history – Charles Metsker started mapping the Pacific Northwest in 1901. 

In 1950, he opened his first brick-and-mortar store in Seattle, primarily to sell County Maps, Township Maps and Atlases. His maps are known as some of the most detailed ever done of the Northwest.

Over time we have evolved and expanded our business to encompass anything travel related, but our first and foremost love will always be maps.

In 1980, the store moved to Pioneer Square and a few years later joined forces with Kroll Map Company, a century old local mapmaker in Belltown that continues to publish maps to this day. In 2004, we made the move to Pike Place Market where you can visit us in the Sanitary Market Building.

We’re proud to say we have been and always will be a small, locally owned business and plan to continue on as such for as long as we can, because of our supportive customers such as yourself!